He did it all - The essence of our living Is the Jesus we're believing (top poetry site)

Despite this tough moment
I don't have to relent
In following God's commandment
And fulfilling his assignment

In this life's pool
Christ's a jewel
But a great fool
Only sees Christ as a tool

Was sent from heaven
To destroy hell's coven
Taking out sin's leaven
To save those believing

Makes us more precious than the raven
Baking us in His oven
Making us all even
Qualified for rest's haven

My garment was stained
Sin got me detained
But through Christ, I obtained
The salvation He ordained

His blood wasn't for a show
But to wash us as white as snow
You need to know
'Twas to make your life glow

Our sins forgiven
By the grace we've been given
The essence of our living
Is the Jesus we're believing

To be God's son's is a privilege
Jesus' blood brought us this merge
Remember your pledge
And don't break the edge

Right on the cross
He bore your loss
Came to earth of course
To make you rejoice

He died for us
To break our curse
There's none like Jesus
The Emmanuel with us

Though reigned in heaven
He left His covering
Went into hell's coven
That we may be forgiven

Though He ruled the earth
He still came by birth
To this humble earth
And surrendered to death

Though He had life's breadth
With glory being His shirt
Yet He died for the flirt
And all deserving death

Though the son of God
He shed His blood
Which gushed out as flood
Oh! Jesus is Lord

He did it all
Lifted man from fall
Restored man to His call
And transformed Saul to Paul

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