Lustful Vanity

Isn't it unkind
When lust makes you blind
When Just her great behind
Is what fills your mind

Isn't it a waste
Of lustful taste
When all you see's her waist
Forgetting all that's chaste

You let her be the tutor
Right on the dance floor
While you're just the sponsor
That's willing to do more

Partying these days
The club's now your base
'Cos that's the place
She always stays

She whines her thing like fire
To unleash your desire
And becomes the viper
That grips your heart tighter

When she goes low
All you wanna know
Is when you two'll go
Spend some of your dough

The beating of the gong
Doesn't flow with the song
Knowing something's wrong
Yet choosing to play along

Hei! Though your feelings wanna diffuse
Make sure not to let loose
Your emotions wanna choose
But make your will refuse

For things not to be at stake
Lust isn't a chance to take
Better stay awake
While crossing the lake

No matter what 'twill cost
You've got to flee lust
So that you don't get lost
For that'll be worst

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