Making it

Though the rest may jest
Know you're different from the rest
Great to function at your best
Cool to aim to be first

Just move on
'Cos there's a lot to be done
Why mourn
When victory's about to be won

You've got to cheer
'Cos victory's near
Drop all the fear
Let it be at the rear

Saying you're tough
Isn't just enough
You need to do the stuff
Even when things look rough

You were made to shine
So just stay in line
Trusting the sign
Of the creator's design

Satan's got no other choice
Than to subject his noise
To God's still voice
Just to make you rejoice

My foes found nothing at all
That could make me fall
'Cos God did it all
To make me stand tall

Challenges around
Knocked me to the ground
Still going another round
'Cos I can't be bound

Not willing to back down
I'm sure I won't drown
Though challenge owns this town
I know I can snatch it's crown

This is my vision
Of unique direction
Fantastic mission
Heading to completion

Being patient again and again
But not at all in vain
There's so much to gain
For those who choose to remain

Make sure you refuse
To allow fake news
Be able to reduce
Your usage of faith's ques

Follow the right clues
To pay handwork's dues
The things you now induce
Should later be of use

Follow the right rule
When in life's pool
Use the right tool
To defeat the obstructing bull

You're tempted but don't fake it
It's not easy but still take it
Already tired but can still make it
Your inner giant's asleep, then just wake it

Life's a fighting zone
Challenge's a stepping stone
Sow the seeds on your own
And reap them all alone

Welcome to the picture
Of your very future
And what makes it pure
Is the hard work that's sure

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