Marriage; Force or Choice

I desire nothing more
Than a promise that's sure
A real anchor
That holds to the core

No need to hide
Let's just ride
Side by side
In a smooth slide

Things are looking greasy

Trying to drive me crazy
I ain't lazy
Just that things ain't quite easy

Let me be your tailor
And I'll sew you a cloth of great colour
Let me be the sailor
That'll get this love-ship to the shore

If love's really your guide
Then don't just make what you feel inside
Eventually make you backslide
From being by my side

You're a treasure
That's more than pleasure
I treasure you with a measure
That's beyond sure

Found out you ain't who you claim
But love you all the same
Please, don't put me to shame
By playing a game

Twill be pathetic
If you're tricking me to panic
Just like the relic
Of the great titanic

Why ask me why
I wanna be your guy
You can't deny
The love you see in my eye

Subdued by love's craze
I've Been loving you for days
And calculating the ways
To capture your embrace

I still reflect
On how you did affect
Me with that effect
Of cool intellect

'Twill be so fine
If you were already mine
I'll really fight in line
To protect your shine

Approaching love's archive
Seeking honey with a drive
That made me dive at the bee-hive
Just to make this love survive

I've always been ready
But you ain't steady
And you're already
Making all muddy

You've turned our love oath
Into a damaged boat
To make me take note
I can't force it down your throat

I needed nothing more
Than you sounding sure
Though got to love's shore
Yet unsure of our anchor

What will you choose
If you were in my shoes
What love's there to use
To induce hearts that refuse

Marriage might end in a curse
If it's done by force
Marriage's a great cause
An eternal bond of course

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