Winners Never Quit

I've got a goal
Which I chase with my soul
Burns within as coal
Just for me to act my role

A great anticipation
That leads my vision
To the point of intersection
With my mission's destination

No matter whom the challenge's with
Winners never quit
Hiding feelings underneath
When life seems not sweet

The principles are strict
Yet not minding pains 'twill inflict
Not to tangle with the conflict
That the society depicts

We war with life's raging sea
And the obstacles we see
A battle to be free
Our creator being the referee

Fighting to the bone
Using all I've known
Reaping what I've sown
As a success prone

Why stop
When not yet at the top
It's not wrong to flop
But an error to give up

A race to run
A victory to be won
May not be fun
But has to be done

Sowing a seed
Not out of greed
Taking the lead
Starts from such a good deed

The sword that I wield
Aids my dazzling shield
As the future which I build
Hopes for a better yield

Moments of weakness
Makes me succumb to the stress
Yet, driven forward by the awareness
Of the greatness I could harness

A brain puzzle
A stress hustle
A strength bustle
The warrior's tussle

You ain't sure
If all you to endure
Is one stroke more
To be the swimming victor

It's not a crime to be shaken
But why remain fallen
Why remain broken
It's high time you had risen

A lot to learn
Even in the lion's den
You'll laugh last then
When you win amidst men

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