The Spirit's impression
Takes me beyond the world's obsession
No more under suppression
'cos Christ in me is my perfection

Christ in me, raises my altitude
In a magnitude
That affects my attitude
Filling me with gratitude

The essence
Of Jehovah's presence
Is the emergence
Of a glory with a difference

Since God's divine demonstration
Breaks the limitation
Upon humanity's generation
To bring Satan confusion

Life's complexity
Is turned simplicity
Through the Spirit of liberty
That grants us life eternity

I've been branded
By the Lord's Spirit on whom I'm founded
And so won't take fore-granted
This liberty that I have been granted

A point when transfiguration
Becomes the configuration
For the destination
Purchased through Christ's crucifixion

An experience so real
Which Satan tries to steal
One with a divine seal
Through a priceless deal

I'll remain grateful
Since I ain't a great fool
None other's so cool
As my King who forever rules

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