When I was lost in shame
Jesus came
Called me by name
And pulled me into His fame

It's awesome
That God could bid me come
Into His glorious home
And indeed make me welcome

So many things to thank God about
From my heart, I'll let it out
Through my mouth
With a glorious shout

If not for what God has said
Satan would have risen His ugly head
But, In God's word, I've read
That I've got nothing to dread

If not for God's glory
'Twill have been a different story
Of being trapped in Satan's furry
And being swallowed up in worry

I thought I was a strong man
Till I understood I was only human
That's useless without God's plan
Despite the deeds I can

Your faithfulness gets to its peak
To grant me what I seek
When I'm totally weak
And my soul's completely sick

It's not about my prayerfulness
'Coz in the days of my weakness
You showed me your faithfulness
In its very fullness

When, on eagle-swings, made me ride
I thought it was me who tried
Till I knew that without God by my side
I'll be swallowed up by life's tide

God made me sail
Over Satan's trail
Though I was frail
I never became the tail

Jesus the great warrior
Died as our saviour
To grant our souls sweet savour
And add to us, good flavour

It's not a fable
That God's able
To do the undoable
Till it turns uncountable

What can I really do
To show I truly love you
Your love for me has been true
So I love you too

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