WOMAN - a unique creation of God carved/sculpted from the bone of man

There's something dying fast, It's existence, from time past;
About reserving the best for the last; The last becomes first,
Made the best After creating the rest
Let's start from this one; The moulding of man
Before forming woman, After creating the world
From His word; Being the almighty God

A unique creation of utmost attention
With a detailed specification; God took His time
For a masterpiece so prime 'Cos all had to rhyme
Just the right cuty; Queen of beauty
With indispensable duty; Greatest help-meet ever
Perfected by Jehovah To be a perfect lover

In short, What an effort
To have brought her forth; For the beauty of her face
Depicts the awesomeness of the ways Of the ancient of days
Classic collections of the boutique Just for the uniqueness of her physique
'Cos her shape's fantastic; The way she talks
And incredibly walks Can calm many incredible hulks

Two hands to function Yet her hug and affection
Can heal depression; Her warmth embrace
Is enough solace Just like a resting place
It's well understood That she's good
When it comes to food; A standard model
Meant for no infidel For some call her Angel

Soft on the outside But tough on the inside;
Isn't easily subdued by the tide; I mean she's soft when touched,
Fragile when clutched, But found tough when watched
Not easy to picture The things she can endure
And the pains she can cure; Some who thought her not strong
Were proven wrong 'Cos she endures for long

A talent to negotiate And the creativity to initiate
What a man will appreciate, A strength to overcome
And the wisdom to reform In a way that's awesome
Experiences so dear And even moments of fear
Expressed with a silent tear; Her sense of pride
Remains her guide Till she becomes the most sought bride

Legacy of good deeds, Loving mother of kids;
Just what a family needs, Amazes with her strength
And how she doesn't relent In her duty as a God-sent
A beauty creature, Hope of the future,
God's full stature, She's beautiful,
Just wonderful, So powerful

Wait a moment; An amazing garment
Stained with an element; So the need for an awareness
To recognize this weakness Tarnishing her greatness
In times of loneliness And the heart's brokenness
Comes forgetfulness; She forgets she's an angel
The most sought damsel She forgets she ain't just a girl

How l wonder why This diamond in the sky
Chooses to believe a lie; Naive acceptance
Of the lie of circumstance That steals her joyful dance
Who'll be her hero When her mindset turns her foe?
Except she doesn't know She's the chosen one
To amaze every man; Standard model of a woman

I mean she accepts what she's not By forgetting what she's worth,
She forgets all the abilities she's got Ah! This is serious;
For she forgets she's a genius; God's product of efforts so judicious.

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