CASUAL - way of life; inspirational series at kleezypen.com

Jolted to the sphere of stability In the realm of spirituality,
Where the practicality of sincerity Affects humanity's reality
We divinely operate In a realm that's corporate;
Called to be separate Even in the sphere of the fortunate

3 odds amidst similars of question marks
CASUAL - way of life; inspirational series at kleezypen.com

To be casual May be the usual
But to be unusual Makes us special
Leaving the realm that's comfortable To become responsible;
Not at all unstable But very reliable

Ready to focus On the locus
In order to endorse My life course
Hard working as an ant With the strength of an elephant
In order to be relevant, Even to the distant

Nothing can distract; For my vision's exact
To make my mission's impact Remain intact
I refuse to be found On casual ground,
But around The uniquely profound

A raised altitude, Deepened longitude,
Widened latitude, In my three-dimensional attitude
Got a life of purpose As beautiful as the rose;
I stand on my toes To control what the future shows

Full of passion For a positive global impartation,
Meant for the transformation Of my generation
Ain't necessarily a blessing 'Coz of my dressing
But how I'm addressing The unusual stuffs people are missing.

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