If you want the picture
Of your future
With your heart free and pure
You must look into the scripture
To be absolutely sure

As God's warriors
Be curious
But not furious
Though the trials be various
Your latter will be glorious

In all condition
Never take a decision
Amidst any confusion
Take heed to the Spirit's conviction
So that all doesn't become illusion

When you hit the wall
And have a great fall
That can't be all
Again, you must stand tall
And not remain small

Remain in God's sight
And make Him keep you aright
When the road's tight
focus on His bright light
To overcome the present night

The cord of God's fellowship
Is better than any friendship
The bond of God's sonship
Is better than any relationship
In all, Christ is the greatest ship

The answer is on its way
It won't delay all day
No matter what they say
With Christ, you must stay
And never go astray

This you must know
That anywhere you go
Though you seem low
You'll subdue every foe
For God declares it so

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