Cool to be happy
As I make this snappy
Just like a fruitful tree
I'm happy to be free

Enjoying the thrill
Of the freedom to be real
And that's because
Of my new life course

I fell in love
With someone as gentle as a dove
One that transformed my life
Filling my heart with love without strife

One that grants me attention
Beyond the heart's imagination
Whose description's beyond beautiful
And ways beyond wonderful

Even if you're from 'Hungary'
You'll never be hungry
When with a lover who multiplies bread
Beyond how you've ever heard

Beyond what all eyes have seen
My sweetheart's pure within
In whose bosom
I bloom and blossom

Love so amazing
love that's dazzling
I'm in love with the Jesus
Who died on that old rugged cross

He has risen to become reason
Of this glorious season
He rose again of course!!
To break death's curse

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