PRACTICAL RELATIONSHIP - a relationship zone series at kleezypen.com

The writing of a sage About a stage
Which precedes Marriage; Being 'IN A RELATIONSHIP' and not a cage
Two becoming one; The aim of a loyal man,
The goal of a trusting woman; Two shall become one
What God has joined together, Let no man put asunder;
The idea of union just by sex is a blunder, God has a part in joining together
Lust only makes nature grieve; God naturally joined Adam to eve,
There was no reason to cleave Unnaturally to Steve

brain and heart conversing
PRACTICAL RELATIONSHIP - a relationship zone series at kleezypen.com

Making a life decision To be committed to a divine institution
Not influenced by a friend's discretion But a personal God given condition
Being 'IN A RELATIONSHIP' In form of partnership
Or dictatorship; Which is the safest ship ?
Imagine a ship on an ocean Such as agape; divine love in action,
Philos; a friendship connection Or eros; sexual attraction
Eros ain't just in connection To sex in action
But an attraction of passion Between opposite sex with emotions

From this indication Of a special attraction
Between different genders of God's creation To be Eros' definition
Despite philos; the realistic That's found on agape; the authentic,
Being 'IN A RELATIONSHIP' without eros; the erotic Will be practically pathetic
Emotions have got no respect Neither for the intellect
Nor 'Spiritually perfect'; It reflects any hidden defect
The gimmicks Of some lyrics
Actually sticks To play the tricks

Influencing the will With a tactical skill,
Which involves an emotional thrill That might not be real
A sweet stimulation Of excited emotion,
Seeking further attention, Yet, tending to extinction
You don't need sooth-sayers To let you know that some love-slayers
Tag themselves players, You could counter them with prayers
Words that hit your soul's core To open your heart's door,
Being easily swept off the floor Could just be that first error

Desires invested, Feelings twisted,
Heart's unrested, Love untested
So easy to trip; Falling into a ship
Called relationship, Hoping it's a safe ship
Pierced with erotic claws Not free from fundamental flaws;
A relationship found on Eros Leading to many errors
Yes! Eros may sweeten the marrow But philos strengthens tomorrow,
While agape makes you the hero That can tame even a foe

A relationship between best friends May have some bends,
Yet, it usually blends Into a happy end
Countering eros' assumptions With philo's communication,
Frees you from the seduction Of your desire's intention
The pride of pretence Which sits one on the fence
In contrast with the freedom of conscience Makes the difference
Effective communication Dissolved in humility's solution
Resolves Agape's decision To expand love's resolution

Of course! You've got to gauge Your body language
To avoid the traditional cage That still exists in this modern age
All the same, be quite blunt With what you flaunt;
Just know what you want, To prevent any emergency stunt
Want what you know To direct where you go;
Make it slow and take it low So as not to end up with a 'foe'
Marriage ain't by force, The creator didn't institute divorce,
So a broken relationship, of course! Is better than a 'marriage by force'.

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