A man who stands for nothing
Will fall for anything;
I stand for something
With no plans of relenting

I stand where Jesus stood
To follow His good;
His grace's my hood,
His word's my food

His joy's the unique
Strengthening tonic
That makes me fantastic
And makes Him all I seek

Satan wants me fooled
But I do the best I should
Just the way He would,
To get more than I could

I've got a life of purpose
Which makes me repose,
Knowing God's love's so close;
Even closer than my foes

Oh! Rise up, my soul
To act your role,
For God has made thee whole
And hotter than a flaming coal

Whiter than snow
For His exhibition show;
Flesh tried bringing me low
Yet, His love remains my pillow

'The bearer of my foot'll lift me high'
Is a truth beyond Satan's lie;
My root in Christ's the reason why
I'd always shoot beyond the sky.

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