SIN - Wherever there is sin, Grace abounds

I came to win;
To live as a conquer over sin,
But all I see grinding my chin
Is this worldly machine


Lead me not into temptation,
Deliver me from its dictation,
And lustful illusion
Of overwhelming delusion

The lotion of delusion
Greasing the motion of demotion
To a motion of weak emotion
Causing extension of hex-tensions

Sin ageing not the synergy
'cos not just a God with any 'g'
Backs up my energy;
Haha! I've seen a 'G' over sin's energy

Age and sin formed the agency
Before a Birth connected B to C
And after a Death connected A to C,
Christ simplified it as A, B, C

Sin's term
Is out of my system,
'cos the vine got me as a stem
Through this salvation emblem

Sin apps manipulating synapse;
The scientific caps
Of seemingly cool apps
That makes the good collapse

Synaptic membranes turn keys
Turning off men's brains with a kiss
Of the synthesis of sin's thesis;
Sin in the size to synthesize what is

The rule of syntax
Explains how sin's tax
Relates to a waxy wood and axe
When death asks for its wax

I see this scene odd;
The ugly head of sin nods
Even in the synod;
Really! Sin's odd

We were sin's synonym
Till God put the sin on Him
To make us sin's antonyms
'cos we count on Him

The lying music from sin's drum,
Dancing eyes that have seen the rum
Iced in cylindrical sin drums;
A belly full of death's syndrome.

Unlike the fig tree,
I got victory
'cos Grace changed the sin story
Into blazing glory.

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