THAT NIGHT, BEHIND THE SHUT DOOR - When dealing with emotions and feelings a desire of lust is not too far from love

Philos, Eros and Agape involved
Honest relationship, Christ being the ship
Had no coined habit at all to co-habit
He's an awesome believer, she's the choir mistress


Adam should attract Eve only as a real man,
To be sexually attractive is the make of a woman;
She's more than sexy yet not enslaved to sex
He got the cheque but puts feelings to check
Revealing his teeth is no function of her tits,
Her treasure chest is safe even when she sees his chest,
He is chaste without buts although she got big butts,
She controls her Chemistry despite his built Physique
Oh! Her heart leaps this time, when he seeks her lips,
Her Hips arouse his love into divers heaps of lust
Her clutched noted thigh made her pull his knotted tie;
Ravished into heavens by the truth of sweet lies
He's all over her to bellow her to love;
Obsess her big assets as though she's Mrs Biggs,
She let's him have her like honey, because he's horny;
Early in the morning, emotions start mourning
Unlasting Eros, the foundation of errors;
The lasting error's thick within erotic realms
All the smile from her cheek soon chickens out;
Though not a chicken, she's is now an explored chick

Chaste guy and girl with feelings, Yes! That of love,
Their innocence was framed, guilty behind the shut doors;
Love isn't far from lust when emotions speak;
Before you shut that door, think twice to leave it open.

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