A sir paints lies; lies from the serpent
This Eve was deceived, to create a damned Adam
Chased from the garden since he lost what he ought guarding;
What a fate for humans, through this man and woman


Oh! This cute lady, all decked in filthy rags
And here comes the prince, which lords other lords
A proposal of grace, is what defines this love
She receives his garment and a rose as he arose

Here comes the comforter, with the power to comfort her
Hell gates cannot prevail ‘cos Christ has torn the veil
Queen of dignity for she is Jesus’ celebrity
She carries the fire, to torch the defiler

The deceiver called serpent, can never deceive her
This world’s Julius Caesar, can never cease her
The cause and course of sin, can never ever curse her
Death is the soul’s killer that can never kill her

Lucifer the beauty fool, knows she is beautiful
Devil the evil doesn’t cheer, seated in his chair
He crows to scare her away, because she is a bird
Not just a gentle dove with goals, she’s a flying eagle

He’s the roaring piano; she’s the lion that plays with his teeth
Every threat sound he makes turns a melody to her
Because everything keeps turning around for her good
She’s the queen of the king, yes! The King of kings

With chilling eyes that can chill one’s flow into ice
No Sadducee can ever make her sad, you see
The Pharisee thinks from God she’s far, you see
With their charm causing pain, to steal her champagne

They gamble luck in laws but she is locked up in grace
Her husband is the lawyer that tackles the liar
That’s why she balls with dancing shoes high in the Spirit
The Spirit called the teacher that always does teach her

In the school of law, I was a slave unsaved
Sin spat a curse on me, to be depraved in my lusts
Praised as gladiator yet needed a "doctore"
So you see how unfair the whip of fear is

The Bond Age of bondage used the stones from the Stone Age
To cage the earth in death, all were sick from what they seek
This life gives in to death to take out our dark as light
The slain lamb that reigns, was called a fool but now rules

You ever said the church was sick and needed a doctor?
I hope grace is the doc you meant to document her faith
Faith that doesn’t fail to bestow this great fate
So when they see disgrace, what she sees is this grace

Grace says sin is dead, so this church is dead to death
Grace says sin no more; her faith shows forth the works
In sweet fellowship with the groom, she’s the bridegroom
I am the church just as you are, we house God himself

*Doctore: A traditional trainer of gladiators who uses a whip; a central character in a film titled "Spartacus"

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