BED UNDEFILED - emotions and feelings; chastity series at kleezypen.com

Not all give a damn about Adam’s loneliness;
Unseen void in the morning till the eve as Miss Eve;
A void needing filling not by the infilling;
The Holy Spirit doesn’t stop you from being human

BED UNDEFILED - emotions and feelings; chastity series at kleezypen.com

It’s not phenomenal to be nominal about truth;
True roots in powers of emotional square roots;
Real roots integrated into equations of love;
You need more than try angles; Garbage In Garbage Out

A natural chemistry in the physics of our passion;
His car is without brakes; her wheels seek no breaks;
Budded burdens boarded by uncontrolled wooden feelings;
Chastity is key as a key for solution

Full pain being painful doesn’t mean less pain is painless;
A car race that caresses every race of the world;
Peculiar to both sexes; the male and female sex,
For procreation and appealing recreation

This bed undefiled isn’t bed under-fired;
Not over-fired either through emotions that hover;
A metamorphosis of perfect fusion
With a confident confidant for love’s diffusion

Wait till it's time to enjoy the weight of thyme;
Lust sends forth spies but love waits for the spice;
Mature your emotions to match your intention
So you don't defile the bed and blame it on the devil.

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