FALLING IN LOVE VERSUS WALKING IN LOVE – stand in love; the heart versus the brain; emotions and feelings of love series at kleezypen.com

They say, “The best way to avoid disappointment is not to expect anything from anyone because though one heart leads to another, a heart can only be so strong.” When the variable is not available, the available can’t be variable. True love can never be wrong if it’s truth. Since what we got in our chest is not a hat, then, “Everyone has got love” is a statement that’s right; we’re left with an option to expect love from anyone. If you want your love to work for you, then work for your love. To have beauty is to have only that but to manifest love is beautiful. True love doesn’t just say they love each other, they do that by heart. True love’s beyond the deeds that’ll end in the “did”. It’s beyond the tongue that gives a melodious song. It’s more of a willing heart to serve; Love is a nature to leave out selfish principles to live out God’s principles. It’s like a mustard seed planted by God and watered by man. Love is touching; you’ve touched when you love. It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all; after all, you never lose by loving; you only lose by holding back. Love the heart that hurt you but never hurt the heart that loves you because love ceases to be a demon when love ceases to be a god. If love were to be for the sake of love, then the lover’s capable of destroying the loved. No wonder God loves not just for the sake of love but for the sake of the beloved.

brain and heart on a see-saw 
FALLING IN LOVE VERSUS WALKING IN LOVE – stand in love; the heart versus the brain; emotions and feelings of love series at kleezypen.com

A girl once told me, “I never loved the men I liked and never liked the men I loved” Infatuated by likes in facts rated by love, falling in love and unable to walk in love, emotional attachment only subdued by intentional detachment. Love to cope with a hope to cope with love; it’s good to fall in love but better to walk in love. I mean, it’s not wrong to fall into love, yet, it’s right to stand and ascend from an unconscious subconscious to consciously walk in love; some folks are only interested in the movement and not the destination, forgetting that love’s not just in deeds but a fulfillment of a law which belongs to love itself; a law that involves not only emotions from the heart but a motion from the brain within your thought’s hat. Don’t go for polluted water just because the bottle’s packaged and branded. Trust me; you’ll look pathetic drinking poisonous content just because you like the cup. Cups don’t cure hiccups, their content do the cure to eventually make you content.

Love (Eros) is like war, easy to begin but hard to end; it is friendship (Philos) set on fire. Friendship (Philos) often ends in love (Eros) but love (Eros) that ends in friendship (Philos) is rare. Friendship is the foundation on which true love is built. Learn to be your own friend because there are going to be days when no one is seemingly going to be there for you but yourself. You know, one must learn to love one’s self before one can love another. Love yourself enough to know that your first love is not necessarily your truest love. Letting a fool kiss you may be a mistake but letting that kiss fool you turns you into a fool. Broken hearts heal with time if one lets time be the broken chords from life’s piano.

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