IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT CHRIST - compliment of the season; part one(01)

The effect of defect of a world lost in lust;
A world of greed off grid without the word of love,
Where the strong dominates the weak and young dominates the old;
Lots of favour reach the rich but the poor are poured hard labour

Before the birth of Christ, there was search for mercy and kindness;
Never before did men see such a divine kind nest,
Mankind seen wicked till Christ's nature made man kind;
Yes! Mankind from behind transformed by Christ into kind man

Dark without the ark of love; a void to avoid
Aliens from mass book space for mass, yet, lie in wait for mass kill of the mass,
Where mothers murder others and fathers further evil,
Fetish pagans pay guns with death; the earth soaks the blood from rituals

Inequality mentality; Unfair life to fair ladies,
I heard damsels saw marriage as a tool that saw lives into two,
Some saw marriage as the beginning of a very marred age;
Culture yoked the wife's life to burdens called chores

Bridled horse bound slaves to worship husbands as lord;
Power woo men to treat women and children as property;
Slaves with class but no right to taste a proper tea,
Counting it a privilege to experience their lord's pro party

That Word that turned flesh to refresh life has changed the world;
The beginning and the end; eternity's life currency,
A central figure that much of the human race bank on,
Occupying a weighty space that matters a lot in our hearts

I write this piece in peace in honour of the Prince of peace,
Creator of the world that can create all things with just his Word,
The I am that I am who has made me who I am,
Jesus' name isn't of shame but framed in fame unto salvation

In his name miracles happen; in his name we bow to pray,
The calender has got a date with not just his birth but death,
The rose of Sharon rose again; a curse to devil the evil ,
He freed the earth from death and caused the mourn of demons.

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