IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT CHRIST - compliment of the season; part two (02)

Rather than spiritual worship in truth, it was once a feel age,
Until the Prince of peace was born in an obscure village,
To hit the nail on the head, was a carpenter till thirty,
Next three years an itinerant preacher in a world that was dirty

Christianity made its way into a world craving salvation,
Promised and offered salvation through God's word that healed starvation,
More than a plus of applause; Christ stands in ovation,
The beginning and the end; genesis of revelation

Rome was considered most civilized when Christ roamed the Earth,
Yet, maltreated ladies and the babies of unwanted birth;
Babies taken to the forest not for rest but for death,
Till divinity helped humanity through Christ's birth and death

The Empire's way of life influenced by the vine that's divine,
The Roman world in romance with God's word is the sign,
Women and children with few or no rights was the design,
All pressured to change; pleasure's to Christ's teachings so benign

India in their past opened death windows unto widows,
As though born to burn; Self-sacrifice to death on the earth,
Until the cease of it, widows of deceased husbands had to die,
Christ teaching force on the British changed India as British colony

A free car tour to Africa; surprisingly weird I bet,
Concubines and wives of some tribal chiefs killed after their death,
In the Aztec civilization, mass sacrificial murder was in adoption,
Christ crossed out the killing ritual on the cross; himself the ritual

Our race was squared with sin to run in death circles,
But from a finished angle, Christ crossed out the try angles,
He healed all depression; now our angle is elevation;
Celebration and jubilation is the situation description.

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