POSITIONED IN CHRIST - To OBEY is key; Obedience Breaks Every Yoke; part one (01)

Christ; the way,truth and life has shown me ways to run things,
He doesn't track my past so I race past them all,
A new race of the world; born again and called Christians,
God is not a person that relates with us per sin


They say my life got weight; I say I'm heavy weight champion,
They say I got no weight; I say Jesus bears it all,
Either way, I'm the chairman 'cos I table things to God,
That's why they call me sugarcane; God's sugar, not Cain

Anything worth worrying over is worth praying for,
Don't make a poor ridge for the yam grown for porridge,
Abel rings a bell; the big cane used by Cain,
All in the name of greed that takes us off Love's grid

Nuts for the ground, they call me groundnuts,
But I'm not for the ground, only the nuts think I am,
Having spiritual goatee doesn't make me a goat,
To OBEY is key; Obedience Breaks Every Yoke

They say I got no mind 'cos my mind is renewed,
Using carnal weapons could land you in the canal,
The strong; holds God's word against the strong holds of the world,
I got the liver to deliver works of grace.

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