FEELING LIKE YOU'RE WITNESSING A RELATIONSHIP INSTEAD OF BEING IN ONE - signs of a wrong relationship series; part four (04)

When Anticipation for participation is now a past notion;
You know the dos and don'ts; what he likes and what she dislikes;
Information without presence; you're not alone but lonely,
You recognize the relationship but don't engage in it

Relationship without passion; just routine actions,
The ship houses you, yet the ocean gets through to you;
You know you're taken but your heart feels forsaken,
You strife to happen to life; but no! Life happens to you

You witness your relationship, yet, you aren't just in;
Alone, you seemed an Angel; but with him, a fairy tale,
Though you cope in the land seeking Copeland's daily advice;
You're an Angel not in heaven but just glad it isn't hell

Managing her company; you feel breaking up will hurt;
No room for her in your heart; yet, you create a spare in your hut,
You call him liability; just enticed to his assets,
I ain't encouraging break ups just saying it's better before marriage

Enough of pastors, preaching heaven when their home is hell,
Bosses driven by wives to be stirred up by secretaries,
Wives pressured to seek pleasure at sea shores of desperation,
Yes! Enough of it all; we're MADE to Make A Difference Everywhere

You don't need a war scout before it works out,
Need not necessarily walk out to make things work out;
Yet, it's better now than later, if there'll be a break up
So that no couple's divorce will make their kids' life break up.

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