YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE YOU - signs of a wrong relationship series; part two(2)

You don't feel like you; a fake you that isn't true,
This you is unreal; so the real life will diss you,
The real you is faded awaiting love to fail, dead;
You diss love with a fake gun until it ends up all gone

A lot of things about yourself that you are in love with
Now sifts from you as though you are just wheat,
'Cos of lots you adjust with, you're now the you without your wits;
True reflections of you, replaced by unwelcome whits

That awkward moment when you look into the mirror;
The backward momentum; what you see is an error;
You no longer recognize the image that you see,
'Cos you've lost yourself into the relationship sea

To control your partner is receptive on wrong antennas,
Changing their reflection to your desired perception,
It is a deadly swing which is mistaken for love;
Provides love with the wings to take off like a dove

Love isn't control; it is simply service,
The male's the head; the female's the neck;
The one who controls who shouldn't be the question;
But the service of love should be the quest on

This taught head sometimes got distorted views
Of understanding love as an over- standing of self-sacrifice,
Which makes you lose yourself in your relationships;
This isn't your partner's fault; just work on your forte

The core action of correction is meant for improvement,
Don't let beefing in, when correction isn't selfish;
Honest conversations aids reconciliation,
Accept the change if it works or let break up make you walk.

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