DESPITE THE WEIGHT, GOD EXPECTS YOU TO WAIT - John 9: 3; inspired by scriptures

How come you lose your worship when faced by a warship,
You had sheep as friends till you had to face hardship;
Now forsaking the fellowship with your fellow sheep,
You now abandon the Solid Rock 'cos life seems no more to rock

Yes! He was blind from birth, but to God's glory I bet;
Though Christ's disciple, circumstance caused this diss I pull;
The disgrace you pull can be washed off by this grace pool;
Testimony from the test; triumph from the trial

Born a zero to be transformed to a hero;
Accidental scars for intentional stars;
Disguised as predicament but a message in this messed age,
Makes me predict a meant solution as a sage in the new age

Daniel chose God and was tagged a faith fool;
You see, lions testify that this God is faithful,
Joseph chose not to sin and was tagged a great fool;
You see, he ended up as Egypt's king and indeed was grateful

The old time real legions of the old time religion;
Legends of Christ; hearers and doers; in the world but of the Word,
They cast their lives to the drama of life's played trauma,
I leave my life to live out Christ; For God I live, for God I die

When faced by the warship, use the weapon of worship;
You don't need the pain off you to give God all of you;
Your life was left right by the God who did right wrongs;
That's why His grace tails you to always make you the head

Job stuck with God even when he no more had his tank full,
Paul and Silas were bound in chains, yet, chose to be thankful;
Endure pain while you wait for God to end your pain;
Don't faint under the weight; God expects you to wait.

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