FOUNDED ON HIS WEALTH - 2 Corinthians 8: 9; He became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich

I reached to be poured oil at the feast at last,
For the rich turned poor; the first made last;
He was slain to make us reign; played the fool to make us rule;
His righteousness made right your nest; awaiting wealth? Right! You're next

Handed a ring that saves by a King who was enslaved,
This king; most righteous, has made his nature right yours,
Turned poor to give us wealth; took the stripes for our health,
The lamb tagged great fool has forever made us grateful

God the most glorious has made his glory yours,
Activating hell riddance to claim his inheritance,
God does prosper real things; He has made your glow real,
Made you a heir of prosperity through the riches of His glory

Living to bless the other is a unique divine order;
Undenied access to super-abundant success,
The reason grace tails me is to always make me head,
The risen Jesus is the reason satan can never jinx us

I walk in the finished work of grace on the cross,
That crossed out sin's wages which includes the poverty curse,
I believe in what God has done for me right now, of course
My prosperity is on course; the King of kings is the cause.

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