SPINNING UNDER THE J OF JESUS - melody without scratch

Dem no wan import rice  but I still dey chop ofada;
Recession no fit stop your rise when God is your father,
My God is not Aba made; I call Him Aba father;
He lifts me up further, farther than the farthest ladder

I circle in try-angles to square up to be the star;
Crossed with numbered shapes of hurdles; life is a game of what?
Hold on to general market despite the perfect suspense shown;
Hi five; pick three! You too; pick two

If life were a game of poker, I'd be an ace queen of Christ,
I'm a flat of the Spirit; He jacks me up when I tire,
Haters tried to club my heart with the spade of shame;
They used their pack of cards but my King turned them jokers

No more ocada; street boy with Prada,
I hustled like maga; cracked the puzzle; mo ti doga,
I'm high without weed because of God's word I wield,
Those that tried to gun me down have already gone down

Spinning under the J of Jesus; melody without scratches;
The Mic's taxing champions but I ain't knocked out or swagged out,
Dem haters don noga nitori mo ti noga;
Dem no dey bother me for boarder; I dey port pass passport.

*noga: streching necks (Yoruba)
*nitori mo ti: because I have (Yoruba)
*noga: beat the boss (Yoruba)
*mo ti doga: I've turned boss (Yoruba)

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