YOU BREAK UP WITH YOU - signs of a wrong relationship series; part five (05)

Can two walk together, except they be agreed?
Whether in love or in need, we love those who soothe our need,
Disregarding your need's a break up with yourself in Love's grid,
Letting your brain scrutinize your heart's decisions isn't greed

He prayed for Sister Comfort and she did come forth,
She was comfortable with his comfort tables,
That was before they got in to start relating in the ship;
Before they both entered the relationship's boat with loose bolts

Your definition of the canoe was a sugarcane; oh!
It's pedals turns a cane; oh! Subsequent volcanoes,
Your whys for relationship doesn't relate to this ship;
Which seems to journey on your tears rather than the ocean

Individuals are at ease with their structured relationship picture,
An artist, called God, painted some hint in scriptures,
Presently featured defects are the effects that await the future;
House is for the home; dough for bread unpunctured  

To prevent the violence which a lot of couples manage
Courtship should ship folks through courts of vow-lens before marriage;
It should pass a life sentence not into bondage but the bond-age;
Age of a life time bond which increases with age

Being a man isn't just about the gym's work out
Being the lady doesn't mean giving up to walk out,
Two are better than one; relate to make it work out,
If the ship persists to capsize, then you should both walk out.

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