AWESOME FREEDOM - I kneel before King Jesus; col 1: 13

A genuine activation for divine jubilation,
Heaven's standing ovation graces the celebration,
Church mode activated; as desired by Christ my active head,
The corporate rose-bed prepared when Christ rose from the dead

Became dead through the sin thing but now, God's life keeps me breathing,
Since grace came into the setting, I subdued sins tagged besetting,
My life was deranged in an outrageous range,
Until God had it changed; completely rearranged

Grace keeps me swimming as though I am dreaming,
So great a salvation; see my lights beaming,
To a divine kingdom founded on wisdom,
No other freedom can be this awesome

My vision's unique; my decision's specific,
My direction is fantastic; my mission is classic,
A grace given backbone to fight to the bone,
God's word that I've known sustains me in this zone

Been translated from darkness into Christ's light and fullness,
Born again in righteousness; citizen of greatness,
I am a new creature living by the scripture,
My future is secured in God's divine structure.

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