BE MAGNIFIED AND GLORIFIED - God my chairman turned me cheer man

I feared the morrow and threats
Of chords of sorrow and death;
Terrors of Sheol upon the earth;
Hallows of anguish of regret

You spilled your blood and had me bought,
You subdued fears that I fought,
Inclined your ear to hear my thoughts;
Granted the desires I sought

God my chairman turned me cheer man;
Rather than great fool, I'm grateful,
Wasn't about my prayer but mercy from on high;
You've been faithful and I'm here to lift you high

Be magnified and glorified,
Enthroned on high, oh! Lord most high,
None like you or can do what you do,
You never die; you never lie

You made me classic, unique and fantastic,
Blocked Satan's trick to lift me to the peak,
I always thrive in life 'cos you're forever alive,
I matter much to you; more than the science of life too.

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