IN AWE OF MY WOMAN - The tactical blaze of your magical face

The tactical blaze
Of your magical face
Is a practical case
Of God's radical ways

Your wonderful physique
Is a powerful classic,
You're delightful and fantastic
Without colourful antiques

Photoshop was what I thought,
But you're much cleaner than the shots;
No wrinkles or spots;
So uniquely hot

The sight of you burst my brains,
I plight my heart to you again,
The flight will go through despite the rain;
Alright and left to flow in Love's veins

The splendour of your hips
Is the glamour on dem lips;
My heart got armour, yet trips;
God sculptured you from thoughts so deep

Accommodating and attractive,
Endearing and receptive,
Creative and constructive,
Productive and supportive

Charming and exciting,
Stunning and enchanting,
Ecstatic aura so interesting,
Your words are elevating.

*title suggested by Ijeoma Chiyem Chukueku

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