JESUS - My Saviour and King; kleezypen.com

He passed through the stress to get us out of distress,
Words can't over-stress the effect of this stress,
He came to address our filth; offered us a new dress,
Dress of righteousness; redeemed us from hopelessness

crown of thorns and crown
JESUS - My Saviour and King; kleezypen.com

He bore our folly just to change our story,
Just to make us holly, he gave up his crown of glory,
My king and my saviour; I'll sing of his savour,
He brings me sweet flavour and ring me your favour

Jesus and his disciples were fond of the temple,
Jesus' example is a universal sample,
He was fond of dialogues while in the synagogue,
Prayer isn't monologue but like discussions in catalogue

We've been liberated to be elevated,
We've been separated to be celebrated,
Grace unravelled; now, the world still marvels,
I swivel in this grace that has changed my level

Life was hidden in that garden of Eden,
Till the curse of the forbidden was broken by Christ's bidding,
Without hope to inspire, I couldn't escape the hard mire,
Christ, My King lifted me higher; he is the Lord I admire.

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