THE KING FROM HEAVEN - he gave up life's bliss for death's diss

Despite being Lord
You came to shed your blood
On behalf of a world
Disobeying your word

You gave up your life
For those that resisted your strife,
They cut you with a knife;
You still groomed them to be your wife

Heaven to earth; a crazy drive;
You're the reason grace arrived
To revive and make us thrive;
We dive into you to survive

King sent from heaven
Into death's coven
Carrying the grace woven
To subdue sin's leaven

Lord of divinity
That died for humanity;
Transformed entities of inferiority
To superiority through his seniority

He became the slain king
Just to make us sing;
He conquered death's sting
And made the joy bells ring

With his love fore given
To make us forgiven,
The simple step's believing
For our spirit to be living

Freed from death through his kiss
None other can love like this;
Eternity is his
But for our sake suffered death's diss.

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