THE LINK WITH JEHOVAH - Hear the beating of victory's gong

The king in me
Who set me free
Has parted my red sea;
All I see is mercy

Only a great fool
Isn't mindful
Of being grateful
To our God who is faithful

I've got freedom
To access the wisdom
From the kingdom
Of the author of wisdom

We can bear the cross
And maintain the right course
Through the Lord Jesus
That strengthens us

The fight may be long,
But my faith is strong;
Hear the beating of victory's gong;
Hear me sing the conqueror's song

Can't have low self-esteem
While abiding in Him;
The Spirit makes me a rising steam;
I'm part of God's team

Do you know who you are?
The link you got with Jehovah
Makes him more than a father;
He is your greatest lover.

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