THE TEST OF LOVE IS TIME - the thirst of love is life

We sometimes trip up in love which is more than a field trip,
We all reap what we sow; so, better sew what you rip,
Yes! Opening doors with the kiss of a ready heart,
Sweet words from his lips; sweet world of her hips;
Heaps of thorns come with the rose, so, look before you leap

I have to bear my cross and cross my Ts on this cross road,
Which way do I take now; The left or the right?
I'm left to write weighty words with my light pen;
Left to take matters right from the grass roots,
The option left really has to be the right one

I look at my age and start thinking marriage,
Not ego but carriage; no need for speed like the car age;
We may drift into the cabbage when speeding with the cab age,
Effects of wrong bus stops sometimes make us burst up
But take down these words not to give up in this world

Oh yeah! That weird moment impatience makes cells go sickle,
Unprepared before the move; left right with riding bicycles,
Till the weight kills delight; cutting power by sickles,
It is difficult to see the raging hurt sea cool,
Plant your self into patience; a wisdom you'd see cool

Prior proper preparation preventing poor performance;
It's all about patience being married to good luck,
Invest in your arsenal not to end up a goner;
Life is a race; on your marks; don't jump the gun,
Life hails from which race? unfair or fair; it's up to you.

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