THE VINE THAT'S DIVINE - You're my hiding place and deserve all the praise

Was in a bad spot
Till you came forth;
Pulled me into comfort
And gave my life worth

Inclined my heart to your will;
I Accepted salvation's seal,
Free life was the deal;
I gladly surrender the wheel

All that I do
Is to run after you;
I thirst for you
Most mighty and true

Ancient of days,
You're my hiding place
And deserve all the praise
That I now raise

You're the perfect example
Standing in God's temple;
You made your love simple
To clear off sin's pimple

I long for more of your presence
In unwavering patience
'Cos it's the real essence
Of true love with a difference

My messiah and desire
No other God this higher,
Made my life easier; I call you sire,
Wiser than all other; great baptizer

The vine that's divine;
Designed me for more than the sign,
Paid the fine that got me defined
As light that shines and is finely refined.

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