WOUNDED SOLDIER - Let us love according to how God is commanding

A leader like a ladder; christians surrounding,
He is backsliden; believers at his back hidden,
Accused of backsliding and supporters go hiding,
Let us love according to how God is commanding

Our actions make him falter; the opposite speaks of grace,
Weights he suffers don't matter 'cos critics occupy his space,
Backbiting for that matter; can't tell it to his face,
Never turn the unseen hater that's respectful on the surface

Moses interceeded for Isreal; fasted selflessly; a leader!
Later left at the rear; none interceeded for this brother,
So also, you'd find it rare; prayers for spiritual fathers,
Fallen brethren aren't squirrells; don't throw them stones; love's the order

God calls him a rose but you only see the attatched thorns,
Rather than laugh at his errors, why not pray for his return,
Shooting him arrows isn't what will cause his U-turn,
You call him fallen sparrow; tomorrow may be your turn

He is indeed a soldier, just that, he is wounded,
But you move your soles there to get him apprehended,
Don't treat him with soda; 'twill get issues compounded,
God holds his soul dear; that's what I've concluded.

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