BARNABAS MACAULAY - Happy birthday Celebration; kleezypen.com

Jesus is the master key I use on my voice,
That's why I'm singing so loud and not on low key,
This flow is for B’Mack, my key's B flat,
Off key or on key, Jericho walls fall flat

BARNABAS MACAULAY - Happy birthday Celebration; kleezypen.com

Singing in treble; parted as ought to,
A sole-pro-I-know that sings ten on parts,
Four beats in a BAR, NA BASS be my part,
As I wish him perfect health baptized in pools of wealth

He's life's a testimony, I'm talking B’Mack;
Life sometimes makes one feel he or she's being Marked,
Sometimes life makes me feel I'm following My calling,
You need a leader to follow? Just follow MACAULAY

Not too big to serve; not too small to lead,
A leader and ladder in wisdom’s divine grid,
Feeling him when he speaks as God keeps filling him,
With God as his chairman, no one can stop his cheer, man.

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