FRIENDZONED - the other side of the ozone

You say I'm different from the crowd;
Shower you love rain from the cloud,
A passion burns in me like feever
To love you forever

Even from days of yore,
Ain't seen beauty like yours;
My emotion stirs a motion
Unhindered by emulsions
I sometimes wonder
What makes me wander
Into this emotional maze
That does amaze
Tried covering my eyes with a vale
But to no avail,
Tried getting you off my mind
But experience love is blind
Pushed into love's ocean;
Swimming strokes in slow motion,
Getting to the shore is success
As I hope for a sure access
The brain prompts hesitation
But my heart ignores the caution,
No one hopes for a dead end;
The declining trend
Don't get me friend zoned
At the other side of the ozone;
I'll get melted by the heat,
Knocked off my feet by the hit
What will be your action
When I pop the question?
Becoming the dancer
Depends on the answer.

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