MY CASE IS DIFFERENT – in a divine covenant

My case is different; red ink flows in it,
Penning breakthrough by rows; Christ is that biro,
I’m Spirit-sealed in his word by the power in the blood,
Attentive and receptive; my wheels in his will

God’s word is my news; shows me success’ colour,
Can’t fail or lose; I’m a stranger to failure,
To sew what Satan rips, God is my tailor,
Christ sows and I reap; he’s the leading sailor

Don’t treat covenant oaths like mere cooker oats,
Divine transactions giving room for sanctions,
Without contradiction, God blesses our conviction,
A secured hope ‘cos his covenant is dope

This grace spares me from disgrace that spears souls,
Storms my life with peace; calls me his master piece,
I don’t see famine ‘cos he aids my farming,
Still eating balanced diet; it’s not time to die yet

Capacity of scarcity; disparity of prosperity;
What I’ve seen so far is not everyone suffers;
Looking foreign amidst local were drought looks for rain
The exemption covenant; Exception to suffering.

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