MY HONEY-BOO - since she is an Angel, I'll build her a heaven

She is the best adviser 'cos the Spirit does advice her,
She is the Godsent whom I call the good saint,
Definitely my gold who is next to my God,
Her love's in high altitudes of loving attitude

A free can be you till full; beautiful African,
Black born indeed; my backbone in deeds,
Sweet taste none despises; sweetest of the spices,
God played his role to mould her into a role model

Makes me blessed in this position; she got the best disposition,
She is the caring palace housing me in love's place,
And I boo of the bees 'cos she is my Honey-Boo;
Fair love of current affairs with physique chemistry

Since she's a believer, I'll always believe her;
My fellow sheep in Christ; we'll stay put in fellowship,
Since she is a friend, I'll befriend her to the end;
Since she is an Angel, I'll build her a heaven

Since she is a sister, I will always assist her,
Since she is a mother, I will stretch this love farther,
Since she is my chef, I'll treat her like a chief,
Since she is a lover, I'll love her forever.

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