HE SWEPT MY FLAWS AWAY - my life's been turned around as a living fan of Christ

Adam birth the real sin which cut us with a bent knife,
Christ birth the real scene meant to make us his wife,
Christ's breath is the reason for the length of my life,
From death, he has risen; my shielding tent from strife

When I was a great fool, he did me great good,
When I was ungrateful, indeed remained the great God,
Honey from the rock is who he will always bee,
So perfect in the ways he keeps perfecting my ways
Yesterday, yes! Today and forever he's the greatest,
He's always in control; gives the grace to quench this great thirst,
Our living faith's in him; makes us winners over great tests,
We're living epistles; aroma of Christ with great taste
His heel was broken on the hill to heal us from death,
Drank our cup of tea called death to cross our Ts with new birth,
With the seas of sin deceased through the cease of disease on earth,
The high scream I scream is due to the life's ice cream I get
My life's been turned around as a living fan of Christ,
He swept my flaws away seiling me with the spirit,
Powdered me with favour now my life got a new phase,
The cream of grace that bleaches life has made life fair to me.

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