HERE AND THERE - as you tick through the sphere of time unbroken

Right about now, I'm gonna take it slow,
To release breads of thoughts that jam the soul,
A pause on my mind not just for show
But to search the purse of my mind for words that glow
As though a traffic saying y'hello has made it so
Eagerly wait for words unspoken
As you tick through the sphere of time unbroken,
Rhyming the word play; it's time the world plays,
To feel the weight of spoken words;
Only what matters should occupy love's space
Yeah, check! Like signing of cheques,
As for the figures, my mates can see and check,
'Twill be really thrilling like, check mates,
Buying the clothings and styled in big checks,
Wise words from sages will put us in checks
The fact you're 'here' now doesn't mean you won't get 'There',
Both are just a 'T' away from the other,
'T' is for time 'cos life is in order,
When 'God is good' is your motto, He'd drive you like a boss;
Things working for your good; so intentional.

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