WORKING GRACE - keeps me walking in grace

The reason I don't sway but stay in God's way each day
Isn't because I pray everyday not to go astray,
Set on fire in God's tower with power to stand each hour
By a working grace that keeps me walking in grace
The drive of my passion is alive to confusion
But through supplication, I bring it to submission
Under the subjection of the God of creation;
This working grace keeps me walking in grace
Now, all I desire is the will of the messiah,
I'll never retire but refire in his fire,
That's the reason why I'm always soaring higher
And higher than I try 'cos God's my sanctifier
Approached by Jesus Christ who has cured my reproach,
The power of his promise brought about my release,
Oh, yeah! released to experience real ease;
Satisfied and fortified; beautified and glorified.

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