Inspired by her tits to shine mischievous teeth,

Inspired by her buttocks to give cock and bull talks,

Going the extra mile to win her curvy smile;

If her hair is her glory, then their lies are the lice



Eyes on her like television, yet, she can still tell a vision;

They plan private invasion but she gives public inversion,

By giving a direct shun to men with no direction,

'Cos she's a woman that woos man not with tits but with wits


Single to mingle; be single but not stupid,

Though the jingle bells giggle; not amused by lust that's rapid,

Though Eros' heart may rain, let Philos' brain reign;

Be full yards husband material for your wife suited material


He searches for a helpmate and not just a roommate;

She searches for a real head who is distinct from the herd,

Though he's King of the jungle, she makes him fly like Eagle;

Though she's caretaker of the home, he is her caregiver


With legitimacy of intimacy, he walks all he talks,

With diplomacy of intimacy, he amuses his bedmate,

She puts his vision on her chest to keep his mission abreast,

Placing responsibility on her laps to cover for his lapses


The very big butts may not cover for the small buts

So she chooses the beauty that's without B-U-T;

A lady without core-rage for the man of courage,

A lady of respect for the man of honour


She forever keeps him company once he becomes C.E.O.

Yes! CHIEF that governs the house she turns to home;

EXAMPLE that guides the kids nurtured from her womb;

OFFICER that guards her heart from turning love's tomb.

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