NOT VANQUISHED - As our praise explode, the Devil falls with a thud

I bounced and balled;

Even through the Jericho walled,

Till Satan's punching blows wared

To stop my movement forward



With stagnancy spurred,

Life became a prison ward,

Freedom became a puzzling surd

And sin the maze losers toured


With man injured

And his soul ruptured,

Righteousness turned the bored

In a scene where flowers don't bud


No hope was pictured

Till death's soul was punctured

And graceful life reassured;

That's when my life got restructured


The devil is a fraud

Lording over soul's he's clawed;

Keeping them from God's word

And hardening their heart's pod


Every ship the devil boards

Gets stuck in the mud,

But the sheep with God's sword

Finds each stream easy to ford


The then unpaid debt none could afford

Cleared by grace; we're no more flawed,

The flood of riches none could hoard

Swept off our flaws and got us awed


Sometimes we err but love is God,

Correcting us with love's rod;

All our prayers get a nod,

Chains broken; forever sawed


As we worship with melodious chords;

Praising our Lord as we applaud,

The love in our heart is shed abroad;

Knitted to Christ in one accord


Despite all the odds,

The depth of worship is explored;

As our praise explode,

The Devil falls with a thud


I don't drink from self's gourd

But the word that serves as my guard;

My heart's where his word is stored;

The chalk of the Spirit writes on my mind's board.


Title credits: Oghosa Anthonia Imayuse

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