GAME OVER - the curse is crossed out from the cross

Life's brought beyond ten tackles, yet, I'm a focused goalkeeper
I dribble life's tentacles than Messi 'cos of God's Mercy
Love is my new jersey and the church is my team
Grace covers the red cards and keeps me in the game


Been turned from scar to star so won't throw in the tar
I rather throw in the light and brighten my corner
Forget the injury time; my Victory is flawless
And I don't rely on fowl play though the world seems lawless
God is my number one; oh yes! He is my keeper
Death was my penalty till number one took the hit
He gave me free kicks to win, so I shoot at the devil
You can't catch me offside 'cos I'm on the Lord's side
When Satan comes striking, God remains my defender
When the field of life goes steeper, no need to surrender
I reckon with four words, "I've gone past backwards"
Forward ever, backward never; driving further is my motto
I can't be a Backman 'cos Jesus got my back
Though the dogs may bark, I remain in front
Grace makes me front the hits from back to back
The bark of sin is skinned; now I'm in the winning scene
Satan played the games till game over from the cross
I got to the field and 'twas a work over of course
Christ my referee's taken over so I can't go off course
My cup runs over; coach Jehovah is the cause.

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