Christ has taken the hit
To save you from hell's heat
And I'm the eternal Spirit
God has possessed you with


I daily give you nice treats
But you never know it
'Cos you welcome what flesh spits
Rather than walk in the Spirit
Christ suffered shame and seeming defeat
By the bruising of the feet
To lift you beyond feits
Till you attain life's great feat
Christ has taken the beat
To grant you life's full kit
He has cleansed you from filth
So stop swimming in guilt
Grace has been placed on repeat
To shield you from sin's real pit;
I've resolved never to quit
Not even a little bit
I lead you with divine wits
So you won't be sift as wheat
Yet, to the flesh, you tilt
And not the walk in the Spirit
I'm the air your spirit breathes
I'm the word your soul eats
I've graced you with teeth
Yet, you refuse strong meat
My word as you've heard it
Is not for you to edit
A demand for you to meet
Is ,"obey in love" as I deem fit
I shield you from deceit
To establish you on the seat
Clothed in my truth's sheets
To stand against the cheat
I've raised you from beneath
Not just for you to be neat
But bear good fruit a as sweet
As my love that got you lit
You aren't called to compete;
In Christ, you're complete;
All you need to do is sit
On the truth that I knit.

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