IN CO-MOTION WITH CHRIST - With sin out of the scene, the blood of Christ flows in me; top poetry site

A new age to cleave not to the world’s cleavage
But full of milk to start Chewing meat and bones
Mr. Bones in the spirit; crack your ribs in joy
Joy in the Holy Ghost; laughing in the Spirit
Life may seem upside down, But God turns down sides up
This one no be by background; na grace dey push me upfront
Could have gone from nuts to ground but no be me be groundnut
I been fall down like rain but Baba lift me up to reign
I’m in co-motion with Christ so no commotion
I get no shuns when I call; what a fatherly notion
So I call him Abba father; this one no be Aba made
He make me dey shine na; this one no be China made
I'm feared by Satan's lice; Based on my Holy Ghost pomade
Baptism no be man made, so I’m feared by the mermaid
Holy Ghost and I, we we na; we form the winner’s gang
I roll on with the Spirit; you know fit put me for abia
God’s the president resident in me; I so rock than Aso rock
I got connections than internet ‘cos I dey follow the ladder
God the father pass godfathers;, no one fit murder my progress
I commune on in communion; I live by the Word, not bread alone
Was a Sin-dumped banana peel for death to chew my soul
I thought I pissed God off till He helped me piss off sin
Handed me a cup; I expected wrath but found Christ’s blood
With sin out of the scene, the blood of Christ flows in me

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