WOO MAN - but not at the expense of losing yourself; ["When we accept that life's not a competition, you'd enjoy it better. Be authentic, be creative, be different, be you" ~ Idara]

Awele never marry but dey Waylay with romance
Like sey na book of Romans read to keep her guy's attention
She been get fine hairstyle and plenty swags for her style
Until Esther start to bleach to get Bobo's love established
Adora carry hip up to attract this hih-hop singer
'Cos that was his demand to make him adore her
Dolapo no dull the runs based on sey she don see dollar
Even Funke's forming funky dey compete Judith tó ñ jùdí

Your name na Miss patience, but no time to Wait for good luck
Edith don edit her love; don forget Harry her boo
You stop to colobi Obi because Femi don dey famous
Note; not all Muhammed's are Prophets, some are lying Muhammeds
Some will campaign love to you but change when they're president of your heart
Sey your name na Lizzy no mean you rhyme with Mr. Lazy
Sey your name na Bisi no mean you match with Mr. Busy
Mr. Wizzy meet Miss Effizy no mean sey life go easy
If not the perfect match, then the match stick fit burn you
Don't marry fame or time, not even money but a person
Marriage no be competition; in life, don't compare tuition
E good for woman to woo man but not at the expense of losing herself
Life's full of persons and you're one of them; unique
There's no one like you; you are superior; original
You become inferior when you choose to be; fake
Someone else; photocopy; rather than who you're to be; authentic

*tó ñ jùdí - that advertises her bum

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    1. Apostle Benny; Top Engineering colleague. Your boy loyal sir.😁😁😁😁...thanks man 😎

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    1. Thanks Idara, God bless you real good o jere

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    1. Thanks Francis, I deeply appreciate. Thanks for your encouragement

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    1. Aaaaawn... Abigail is A big girl 😎😎😎...I don miss your swags. I'm glad you enjoyed it

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    1. Thank you o jere, our slimfit hot model...😁😁😁...how is the modelling ministry

  6. Nice one, boss.

    When will I start writing like you?

    1. Heheheh...chief Nonso himself...once you hold pen, u go write na 😃😃...dey do like sey u no get punchlines u hear, all the ones wey take dey rap nko? 😄😄😄😄

  7. I know one lying Muhammed 😂

  8. Good piece.
    Keep up the treatworkg

  9. You always nail it. Striking verse for me is "Don't marry fame or time not even money but a person" Keep it up dear

  10. This is awesome. I am inspired here.

  11. Enter your comment...Nice one and funny. Keep up the good work 👍 👏 👏 👏. Try to make more short videos. It will spread faster