TWO DAYS IN A WEEK: yesterday and tomorrow - kleezypen

Yesterday is gone with vaults of faults, mistakes and blunders
Don't mix yesterday and tomorrow using today as a blender
All the money in this world can't bring back yesterday through riches
Aches and pains of yesterday passed out beyond our true reaches

a present box
TWO DAYS IN A WEEK yesterday and tomorrow - kleezypen

New wick to your lamp; burn and shine like a champ
New week to your Amp; multiply strength like it's a vamp
Weak ends gone with the weekend; got a new wick to shine
Each day is a new wick; always another chance to shine
Too dazed a wick not to burn out with ideas
Too raised a week to be weak of what I dare
Two days with crossed Ts; dotes my eyes with what I deal
Two days in a week, just the best and ideal
Two days in a week; yesterday and tomorrow
Bitterness of yesterday's a poisoned arrow to your marrow
The dread of tomorrow's cloud brings low the Sparrow's soar
Don't drag in burdens from yesterday nor throw burdens to tomorrow
Throw down yesterday's weight so today's won't make you throw up
Rather than wait for tomorrow; get busy, tomorrow'll wait
Yesterday is gone; don't let tomorrow gun down today
Today's the latest; be glad and rejoice in it

Yesterday is past, Tomorrow is still future
Today is a gift; Today is the present
Don't let the gone of the past gun down your today
Take hold of today and place your future in your hands

Poetry #29; @kleezypen; #samkleezy;

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